Three Skills That Separate Tech Stars from the Rest of the Pack

Mark Koschmeder
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In any given company, one or two tech stars stand out from other employees in terms of productivity and success. This type of career success rarely comes by chance; it is usually the result of hard work and specific skills. If you want to move to the next professional level, it can be helpful to learn from these star employees and emulate their most valuable skill sets.

In many industries, technology workers have a reputation for being poor communicators. They may find it difficult and irritating to reduce a complex system down to its basic concepts in order to help non-tech employees understand. Tech stars break the mold by being excellent communicators. They understand that in order to be successful, you must be able to demonstrate your value to decision makers and supervisors; as a result, they are constantly improving communication skills. A successful technology professional can assess a highly complicated process or system and articulate how it helps the company achieve its business goals. He or she is able to speak fluently to different audiences, adapting the use of jargon and complex concepts to each group's understanding. For aspiring tech stars, this type of aware, flexible communication is the most important skill to develop.

Tech stars understand the importance of flexibility and adaptability. Technology shifts quickly, and star employees know how to keep pace without sacrificing productivity. They roll with each new development, finding ways to adjust internal practices and integrate new systems. Unlike many traditional workers, top employees in technology companies do not get set in their ways; they embrace change and constantly stay on the lookout for new ways to stay on the cutting edge. Perhaps more importantly, they know when to adopt a new technology and when to wait for further development. This process requires regular reading and discussion about emerging technologies.

Technology workers can be notorious for their single-minded focus on their projects; as a result, they tend to ignore how their work fits into the rest of the company. Tech stars, on the other hand, work effectively with colleagues. They ask for input to understand how a piece of technology impacts other departments. They seek out creative employees to help design systems that are beautiful and user friendly. By asking for help, they avoid the perception of arrogance and lack of approachability that surrounds many high-tech workers. What's more, it opens them up to the potential for collaboration, which can result in more powerful, effective technologies.

Tech stars are not born; they are made. In the modern technology industry, there are endless opportunities for new stars to rise. By making an effort to develop communication and collaboration skills, you can move your career to the next level.


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