Three Ways for Construction Pros to Look Like Better Candidates

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As the construction industry is growing across the United States, more people are entering the industry. Whether you're searching for your first professional position or focusing on landing construction jobs for your firm, you are likely to be the subject of constant evaluation. By taking steps to improve your image and personal branding, you can increase your chances of landing a job.

For professionals in the construction industry, job hunting is a regular part of business. From hunting for new construction jobs to bidding on building projects, you can expect to be scrutinized by employers and project managers. Plus, according to a recent story from For Construction Pros, investment in construction equipment is expected to decline in 2014; as a result, there may be increased competition for construction jobs. When you are able to communicate clearly about your expertise and experience, you will set yourself apart from other job candidates.

When it comes to landing construction jobs, it is crucial to emphasize relevant experience. Unless you work exclusively on one type of project, you will need to do more legwork during the bidding process. Tailor each bid to the requesting company, ensuring that the bid focuses on similar projects; in doing so, you can reassure decision makers that you know how to work efficiently and handle problems that might crop up. The more confidence you can inspire, the more likely you are to be awarded the project over other job candidates.

For many construction projects, the manager will hire a number of professionals to handle different aspects of the job. If you want to make yourself look like a better candidate, make sure that the employer knows about your complementary skills. If you have experience as an electrician, architect, or project manager, you will be able to anticipate problems and head them off before they become serious. By letting employers know how you can help save money and time, you can gain a competitive advantage.

Many construction professionals ignore print and digital marketing materials. Because project managers are likely to research you in advance, make sure your materials are up to par. If you have a website, ensure that it looks professional and that it displays your most recent projects. Update your brochures and flyers and order a new supply of business cards. When you project a crisp, solid image, hiring managers for construction jobs will see you as a competent, put-together professional.

As the construction industry continues to rebound from the recent economic recession, jobs are difficult to find and competition is fierce. By learning how to market yourself to potential employers, you can make it easier to land new construction jobs and improve your company's bottom line.


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