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As the holiday season draws near, the pressure is on to find holiday gifts for coworkers. In technology companies, where employees are often more aware of new tech products than other offices, the stakes are even higher. By paying attention to the latest and greatest developments, you can wow your colleagues without breaking the bank.

Many technology professionals deal with the latest gadgets and devices on a daily basis, making them harder to surprise or delight. Because most office gift-giving events have a price limit, the search for the best new tech products can be even more difficult.

According to a recent story in Laptop Magazine, however, a number of exciting new tech products fall into the $50-and-under price range. In some cases, the best tech gift is one that complements an existing technology. For the iPhone owner in your office, you can purchase an entertaining new phone case—the magazine recommends the Belkin Lego Builder case. The back of the case is a textured building base designed to fit all standard Lego pieces. Add a pack of the building blocks, and your coworkers will have hours of entertainment at their desks.

If you’re looking for a more technologically advanced gift, look to small technology items that make life easier or more fun. For the music lover in your office, one of the best new tech products is the wireless speaker. Available from companies such as AudioVox, wireless speakers—or soundboards—amplify the music from a phone or MP3 player without the need for cables. In a time when many types of office technology are large and bulky, the small speaker slides easily into a desk drawer or laptop bag.

When you’re looking for a gift in a higher price bracket, look for ways to make your colleagues’ lives easier. For the sales representative or the executive who frequently meets with new clients, one of the most innovative new tech products is a projector sleeve for the iPhone. Made by 3M, the sleeve has a built-in projector that turns any flat surface into an instant presentation space. Compared to the full-size office technology equivalents, the projector sleeve is both convenient and delightful.

One of the biggest problems with tech products is that most of them need to be charged. If you have ever run out of battery power during a day of meetings or a business trip, you know the frustration this brings. To help a coworker stay connected on the go, purchase a portable universal charger, such as the Leaf universal charger. A portable charger stays in a bag or purse until it’s needed; when your battery is dying, it charges any phone without a power outlet.

Whether you’re buying a gift for your boss or your favorite coworker, new tech products are an easy way to go. By staying up to date with the newest and most exciting products, you can give gifts that are sure to please any technology aficionado.



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