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Have you thought about a position in the hospitality industry, but wanted something out of the ordinary?

Have you wanted a hotel/restaurant job that tapped into your special talents, abilities and interests?

Have you interviewed in several different locations and had the thought, “This is just like the last place?”

If so, you might want to consider a career at a unique boutique. The “boutique hotels” fall between the bed and breakfast inns and the typical hotel, usually offering 20-50 rooms. Two things set them apart.

First, they’re quirky. Each boutique hotel – also called “design hotels” or “lifestyle hotels” – seek to be different from the national chains. The French Quarter of New Orleans has several boutiques that hearken back to the ambiance of Southern gentility of the 1800’s. Still others offer an emphasis in spicy Cajun cuisine or hot New Orleans jazz. In South Miami, art deco and tropical themes prevail.

There are also the “eco” hotels. What sets them apart is that they are designed and built to have as little negative impact on the ecological system as possible. They often utilize local craftsmen and traditional designs and building techniques for the facilities. In Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, guests stay in traditional Mongolian yurts. And the Gyreum Ecolodge in County Sligo, Ireland, is powered by the sun and wind.

Second, the boutiques seek to offer their patrons a unique experience. For many of the eco-hotels this means offering eco-friendly tours and workshops for the guests. Sometimes the accommodations, in keeping with the desire to have little impact on the ecosystem, may be Spartan, but the creature comforts are traded for the opportunity to see the creatures of the rain forest or savannah or mountains.

But a boutique hotel might also cater to the guests’ desire for luxury. The Royal Palms Resort and Spa in the Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ is a Spanish-Mediterranean estate. It’s restaurant was rated number one in the area by Food & Wine magazine. There is also a Cigar Room for the guests. Across the country, the Glidden House Inn, Cleveland, OH, is a mansion located on the grounds of Case Western Reserve University. The inn’s restaurant is the former carriage house offering Brazilian and seafood entrees.

As you can see, there is great variety in the unique boutiques. Check out their locations, their themes, and their offerings. You might just find one that matches your talents and desire for adventure in your work.

And if you not looking for a job, you just might find your next vacation destination.

By Joe Fairchild - Joe is semi-retired and writes for Nexxt. He enjoys working in the hospitality industry for the customer interaction and travel discounts. A veteran financial advisor and public speaker, he delights in helping others find their path and achieve their goals. Read more of his blogs at HospitalityJobsiteBlog.com.


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