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It's June, so that means a whole new class of college graduates are eagerly seeking their first jobs. Most are hopeful yet apprehensive about taking that first step into adulthood and that's understandable. In these uncertain economic times, young adults are unsure of what career path to take - or even if a solid career will be available immediately.

I recently read an article that I found insightful: "Special Report: Standing Out as a Recent College Graduate" by Amy Wadas. ( The article highlights some of the non-conventional ways to approach a job search. This is all-too important because if every graduate does the same thing, no one person will stand apart from the rest. I believe it is crucial to use social networking to your advantage. If you have a account, edit it to make it more professional and private. Countless companies are on Facebook and may even check out potential job candidates on the site before an interview. You want to put your best foot forward, even if that foot is a virtual one.

I agree with Wadas – join an online networking professional site (I also like to market yourself. You can connect with classmates and search for jobs relevant to your industry. Additionally, the profiles are more professional and list extracurricular activities, achievements and professional associations. In particular, I like how you can recommend someone’s work. If you performed exceptionally well at an internship or in a class, why not ask your supervisor or professor to write as much on your profile? It may be the extra push you need to get noticed.

It’s a good idea to see what else is out there aside from You should conduct an internet search of your local visitors’ center or chamber of commerce and see if they are posting jobs or hosting any networking events. Remember, you never know who you may meet and who they may know. Most colleges and universities use social media to stay in contact with graduates so get involved - help out with the event committee and plan a great networking event. Whatever you try, don’t give up – persistence will pay off.

By Amy Muldoon

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