What Are the Top Job Skills You Should Add to Your Resume?

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Your current repertoire of job skills can enhance your future prospects for landing a position and also add value to your personal brand. Take a look some technical skills to put on your resume that let employers know you can handle office technology that solves major problems facing companies in 2018.

1. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, helps companies improve results on Google's massive search engine pages. The goal is to land a particular search on the first page and knowing how to optimize content for Google helps more customers find your company's website. Job skills for SEO include using the right keywords, tapping into social media and creating relevant content for your business.

2. Coding

Coding is in-demand in 2018 because software is everywhere. Computer programs help companies gain insights into customers, improve productivity and automate mundane processes. Knowing how to code with Python, JavaScript, SQL, or C# gives you an advantage over other candidates who do not possess these job skills.

3. WordPress

WordPress forms the backbone of many websites in terms of the format and behind-the-scenes coding that goes into company web pages. Knowing how to use WordPress allows you create blogs and websites, and it also lets potential employers know that you can update the company website, if needed.

4. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing tools help companies reach a wider audience. Knowing how to write a good sales email and using email sources, such as MailChimp, give you an edge when it comes to increasing your employer's customer base.

5. Web Development

Job skills for web development include publishing documents, making website improvements or uploading images to a website, web development is the overall practice of creating websites. How your company's website interacts with potential customers is crucial to a successful web presence.

6. Writing

Good writing starts with crafting a good resume and cover letter. Writing on a daily basis helps you communicate effectively and efficiently with your co-workers and customers.

7. Microsoft Excel

Job skills related to Microsoft Excel mean you can efficiently handle a company's data management. Excel has powerful tools that can give you insights into data analytics, reports and graphs that turn complex data into easy-to-understand concepts.

8. Google Analytics

Like Excel, Google Analytics shows your company how a web page, advertising push or email marketing campaign worked with an audience. Knowing Google Analytics gives you ideas as to how to proceed with digital marketing by showing you where your web traffic goes and why.

9. Project Management

You landed a major client, and now it's time to start projects related to that client. Learning project management software lets you understand project goals, deadlines and daily tasks you need to accomplish to complete a major project on time and under budget.

10. Public Speaking

Whether you have a sales position or deal with customers on a daily basis, you probably use public speaking skills without even knowing it. Take a public speaking course to enhance your skills even further so you can speak confidently and with authority to showcase your leadership skills.

Add these important job skills to your resume to show employers that you can handle important aspects of day-to-day business operations. Which of these skills do you find yourself drawn to?

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