What Will the Next Five Years Bring About in Technology?

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Technology is changing rapidly, with new products coming out nearly every month. For consumers and technology professionals, the next five years should be exciting. With hotly-anticipated product releases and the promise of new developments, the future of technology is bright.

Educational Technology

Some of the most important developments in the next five years are expected to happen in the field of educational technology. Services like Coursera and Udacity are already giving people around the world the chance to access educational resources for free. Companies like Benchprep have revolutionized the way students study and prepare for tests. Using devices that are already heavily used, educational technology companies will change the way that course material is delivered, paid for and utilized. With university tuition rising dramatically, educational companies are poised to shape the both future of technology and the post-secondary landscape.

Data-Driven Systems

Big Data has been a hot topic for several years, but the next half-decade will see the development of more useful tools. In the past, data-driven systems have been limited to companies with vast financial resources. In the coming years, those tools will be distilled down to more affordable analysis tools for small businesses. Concurrently, the market for usable technological tools is expected to expand dramatically, creating business opportunities for tech professionals. From hiring to sales lead generation, the potential uses for Big Data are endless, making it a key player in the future of technology.

Personal Tracking

Personal tracking devices have been on the market for several years, but many have been plagued by inefficiencies and difficult reporting. With the launch of the Apple Watch, the playing field has changed for the future of technology. The watch uses sophisticated sensors and technological functions to track and report a wide range of factors, from the number of steps taken to the timeline for your daily schedule. In short, it combines the functions of multiple devices into one compact package. In the upcoming years, more companies are expected to jump into the personal-sensor market to offer comprehensive tracking options.

Data Security

In 2013, multiple high-profile data breaches drew attention to the lack of digital security at many large firms. Due in part to extreme customer demand, businesses are expected to shape the future of technology with new, more sophisticated digital security systems. The developments will occur across all industries that deal with sensitive customer data, from retail companies to health care facilities. As cloud-based systems become more viable for businesses, cloud security will be a significant focus of research and development.

Given the potential for current technological tools, the next few years are expected to bring about a number of exciting developments. Pure curiosity and customer demand are driving the future of technology, ensuring that new products are rigorously developed to exacting standards.


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