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We've seen the evolution of the online recruiting world in the past few years, and we're happy to report that our idea of a niche career center like CareerBank.com - devoted exclusively to the accounting, finance and banking industries - makes more and more sense when it comes to helping job seekers and employers in our profession. Our traffic and network is growing rapidly, and we continue to focus all of our energy on professionals and organizations in the accounting, finance and banking world. Here, the Top 5 reasons a niche job board is the best choice:

1. The focus is on you and only you. General job boards do get a lot of traffic. But divide it up among the hundreds of industries they serve and the number suddenly becomes a lot less impressive. When a niche job board gets more traffic, employers, resumes, etc., you can rest assured that they are all related to your needs, profession and interests.

2. We speak your language. When you say you need to hire a CIA, a good niche board won't return resumes for secret agents or culinary professionals. Just professionals with "Certified Internal Auditor" behind their names. A niche job board understands the industry lingo, trends and environment so you don't have to waste your time going through useless resumes or job postings.

3. The behind-the-scenes team has been in your shoes. Here at CareerBank.com, many of our team members have experience in public and private accounting as well as the financial world. We've been out in the industry ourselves, have developed more comprehensive background knowledge and thus can better serve our audience.

4. All the right tools are at your disposal. Because a niche career center is focused on one industry, you won't be bogged down by information that has nothing to do with your career or profession. We provide useful resources including newswires, special reports and more all focused specifically on accounting, finance and banking.

5. Our network makes sense for our audience. The CareerBank.com Career Center Network has provided another niche area for our organization. By partnering with more than 700 accounting, finance and banking organizations and career sites across the country, we bring the focus right back to you, offering a niche network that is unmatched on the Internet.


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