Why Ski Resorts Are Hiring More Women

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Ski and other athletic themed resorts have decided to make their venues more female friendly, attracting more women and moms. They've concluded that men don't understand what women want and have started hiring more women in management at resorts. It takes more than just adding a spa to bring women to a ski resort. The key, industry observers say, is to make the on-mountain experience more social and more fun.

Also needed is a better understanding of what many women have on their plate: balancing work, the family, and finally meeting a woman's personal needs. Programs must be flexible enough to fit into her busy schedule, yet still allow her to feel fulfilled, while throwing in some exercise and socialization with her girlfriends. The point is, resorts need to concentrate on entertaining this category of guests off the slopes. 

Mothers who want a ski getaway need to be convinced that skiing and riding is not necessarily an extreme sport. One industry observer noted that the biggest problems for most moms are simply the logistics of getting to the resort. Dragging "are we there yet" kids to the mountain can become a huge hassle. 

To help moms overcome these barriers, resorts might consider offering family parking areas and/or valet parking.  Other perks would be to provide customer service staff in the parking lots to guide and physically help moms unpack all their belongings—strollers backpacks, skis, etc.  The resort could also place a greater emphasis on snowboarding, which calls for less gear.  Finally, a resort might consider offering orientation maps via online or mobile for moms to plan their trip.


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