Why Would Your Business Coach Advise That You Have Plants in the Workplace?

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Did you know that integrating plants into your workplace has so many benefits? In fact, not only does it offer numerous benefits for the environment, but also to you as an individual. The following are some of the best reasons you should have plants in the workplace.

Plants help reduce blood pressure and stress.

Several studies have revealed that having plants within the workspace can significantly reduce stress. In one particular study in the UK, the respondents were observed to compare their heart rate, skin conductivity, as well as blood pressure in rooms that have plants, and rooms that don't. The results suggested that the presence of plants caused a decrease in the respondents' stress levels and anxiety.

Plants make you more productive.

Studies also show that those workers who are surrounded by plants are able to finish their computer-based tasks 12 percent faster than those who worked in cubicles that did not have plants. Experts also explain that the process of tending to plants can improve a person's focus throughout the day, which is an important aspect of being productive.

Plants improve the quality of indoor air.

Putting plants in your workspace is also very beneficial to your physical well being. It is known that the growth of living plants can help produce cleaner air, and this leads to improved physical health among workers. Research shows that different varieties of houseplants can be used to wash away volatile organic compounds that are present in the air you breathe and which can cause burning eyes and some respiratory issues.

Plants make you environment-friendly.

When you put plants in your workspace, you are also helping to protect the environment. The growth of plants at work inspires you to take small steps towards having a more sustainable lifestyle. No matter how small this action is, it will still have a cumulative effect in the long run.

Plants make your office more colorful.

When it comes to improving the aesthetic appeal of your workspace, the use of plants definitely has a significant effect in adding color and texture to your office. If you own a business, for instance, it would be a good idea to have seasonal plants in your reception area as they can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that will attract employees and clients.

Plants can make your work area more comfortable.

Employees want to work in a place that is comfortable, of course. This becomes even more important during summer and winter months when the weather affects your work environment. Plants are known to have the ability to naturally control humidity levels.

The use of plants in workplaces has been proven to give numerous benefits not only to the environment, but more importantly, to the people at work. Thus, if you want to increase the productivity levels among your employees, it is a good idea to have plants in each of your employees' cubicles. You will be surprised that even your business coach would mention this as one way of boosting employee performance.

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