Will a Hybrid Cloud Strategy Work For Your Business?

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Cloud computing is a hot new trend in business IT. However, there are also benefits to using on-premise solutions for data storage and IT resources. Hybrid cloud solutions offer the best of both worlds, allowing businesses to combine the convenience of the cloud with the security of an on-premise server.

According to ComputerWeekly, almost three quarters of organizations are using a hybrid cloud strategy. This means they use a mixture of cloud-based IT resources and resources that are based on their own premises.

Advantages of a Hybrid Cloud

Using a hybrid cloud solution has many advantages. First, it provides an extra layer of backup to protect your most important data. Organizations that use a hybrid cloud setup can store one copy of each document or file on their own server, as well as have an additional backup stored in the cloud. Even if a disaster takes out your server or affects your cloud provider, you will still be able to restore your data. This ensures your business can keep running in the face of almost any catastrophe.

Hybrid cloud solutions remove many of the security concerns that surround cloud computing. Businesses operating in certain sectors, such as health care and finance, are required by law to keep their clients' data safe and secure. They could face significant penalties if they fail to abide by these regulations. When you outsource data storage to a cloud service provider, you have to trust that provider to comply with all the data protection legislation that applies to companies in your industry. If you are not comfortable handing over sensitive data to a cloud provider, a good solution is to store your most sensitive data on your own server, while using the cloud to store less important information.

If you already have an on-premise system set up in your organization, the amount of work required to transition to the cloud could be overwhelming. Thankfully, there is no need to abandon the system in which you have already invested. By adopting a hybrid cloud strategy, you can combine your on-premise IT system with a cloud system to reap the benefits of both. Over time, you can gradually migrate systems into the cloud to reduce your IT maintenance costs and provide greater flexibility to your users.

A growing number of businesses are adopting hybrid cloud strategies, which are a middle ground between wholly cloud-based and traditional on-premise IT systems. If you want to reap the benefits of the cloud, without giving up your existing IT infrastructure, consider adopting a hybrid cloud solution. When correctly set up, this kind of system can be highly flexible, with low ongoing maintenance costs and good compliance with industry data security standards.

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