Women In The Workforce - How Things Have Changed

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Lately, there has been much more attention being given to the idea that women in the workplace deserve to be paid as much as man in a similar position. Even with the passing of the Fair Pay Act, women, on average still earn 81 cents for every dollar that men earn. At first glance, this might sound unfair, and it is, but it actually shows how far women have come.

In 1980, women were only making $64.20 to the dollar and by the year 2000, that number had risen to $76.90. That's a lot of growth. The growth can be credited to a greater acceptance of women in the workplace. Compared to fifty years ago, women are much more likely to be promoted and given positions in leadership, even at larger corporations.

In fact, there are even some industries and areas where women actually earn more than their male counterparts. In cities like Atlanta and Memphis, women are earning up to 8 percent more than men. They have more education and are working in fields that provide more opportunities for higher pay.

I thought it would be fun to take a look at how the number stack up and see how women are working toward pay equality. Here is an infographic that helps to break things down:

As you can see, even though women are making great strides toward a more fair workplace, there is still work to be done.



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