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Increase your chances of making an impact with potential employers by creating an effective resume that helps you stand out from competitors. Never create a one-size-fits-all resume, as this generic document is likely to end up in the shred pile. Put the time and effort into crafting a unique resume for each employer, and follow these five tips to ensure your resume grabs and keeps the attention of recruiters.

1. Keep It Short

It's not uncommon for hiring managers to receive dozens or even hundreds of resumes for a single position. Reading through resumes all day long is usually impossible, which is why recruiters are generally put off by a resume that's too long. One simple tip for creating an effective resume is to keep it short. Consider creating a one-page document that lists only relevant skills, experiences and education. If you can't fit your relevant history on a single page, add another page, but make sure your resume is no longer than two pages.

2. Keep It Professional

Some job candidates use common industry jargon or slang in their resumes in an attempt to fit in or connect with hiring managers. This strategy rarely works and might even turn some recruiters off. An effective resume is professional, so always use proper grammar in your document, and avoid emphasizing words or phrases with large fonts, bold letters or exclamation points.

3. Make It Original

An effective resume is a unique document that makes the candidate stand out from competitors. Make sure your resume is original by highlighting your specific achievements and accomplishments in similar roles. Break these achievements down using specific dollar amounts, numbers or percentages to keep your document from sounding too generic. For example, instead of stating you "helped increase sales during the fourth quarter," state you implemented a sales strategy that increased holiday revenue in your department by 35 percent.

4. Be Honest

Honesty is definitely the best policy when it comes to your resume. No matter how limited your relevant experience or education, always be truthful, as it is not that difficult for an employer to find out if you lied on your document. Even if you initially trick the hiring manager and land the job, you might get fired once the truth comes out. Lying might also damage your reputation within your industry, which can have detrimental effects on your career.

5. Proofread Thoroughly

If you think typos or grammar errors on a resume aren't a big deal, think again. An effective resume is a perfect document in the eyes of a hiring manager, as a single typo or grammatical error communicates your lack of attention to detail. Read through your document multiple times to ensure it's free of errors. Then, have at least two other people look it over as an extra precaution.

Instantly draw the attention of hiring managers with a resume that's professional, detailed and unique. Your resume should also emphasize your value as an employee and prompt recruiters to contact you. Use these five tips to ensure you have an effective resume that easily sets you apart from other applicants and increases your chances of getting a call.

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