Apple vs. Google, Knowing Your Audience and Providing Products

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Identifying your target audience is one of the most important steps in selling technology products. If you do not know what your audience wants, you will have a hard time convincing customers to buy from you. Apple and Google have done an excellent job determining the needs of their target audiences and selling technology products to meet those needs. Pay attention to what these companies are doing, and you'll have a better idea of what you need to do to succeed in the sales industry.

Apple's sales team focuses on users rather than broad markets when selling technology products. This strategy is paying off for the tech giant, especially in the enterprise market. Some of the people who use Apple products will recommend them to managers when it is time to choose new tech for the workplace, so focusing on users is a great way to penetrate the business market without spending a lot of money promoting Apple products to enterprise customers. The company creates exceptional products for its users, which translates to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Google sales professionals have played an important role in building the brand. In contrast to Apple, the company does market its products to several different audiences. Google increased its market share by dominating the search market and working to improve the quality of its search results. The company also has several products for advertisers and publishers, so its salespeople can tailor their offerings to customers in different segments. Because Google is known for creating innovative technology products, sales professionals are not stuck offering the same products year after year. This demonstrates the importance of knowing your audience and offering customers technology products that will improve their lives.

Apple and Google are constantly competing to release technology products that make it easier to find information, communicate, and collaborate with others. Sales professionals for both companies understand how important it is to tailor products to specific markets and continually add new product offerings to meet the changing needs of consumers. In 2007, Google planned to launch its own smartphone, which developers had been working on for more than two years. When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone, Google developers had to go back to the drawing board because they knew their first attempt at a smartphone was not enough to compete with Apple's new product. As a result, Google salespeople had the opportunity to sell a product that would truly meet the needs of their audience.

Offering customers the products they want and need is one of the most basic tenets of making sales. If you sell technology products, you must be able to explain their features and determine which products to offer people in different audiences. If you are able to identify the right products for the right customers, you will make more sales.



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