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Sales representative jobs are well buffered against an unpredictable economy. Indeed, it's when demand is slack that sales representative jobs are most needed. All the same, sometimes it's going to be to your advantage to start applying for jobs in other cities—even if only to see what's available out there. You'll want to go about it the right way, however, and hopefully end your search with a solid offer that you just can't refuse.

The first thing to think about when you're applying for jobs elsewhere is how serious you are about moving. While it can be flattering to see all of the sales representative jobs that employers want to offer, if you really aren't looking to move, you're really just taking up a potential employer's time and distracting the company from interviewing other candidates who would be happy to take the position. Decide in advance how much of a raise would be enough to take the job. This way, you can avoid the sales representative jobs you know you'll never take, devote more of your time and effort to getting the jobs you're genuinely interested in, and prevent raising your family's expectations unnecessarily.

Once you've settled on terms and pay, start browsing the sales representative jobs in your target city's classifieds. Craigslist makes this easy by organizing its classifieds by region and city as well as by industry. Just about any online employment resource will do something similar because relocation for a job is extremely common. Remember to reach out to other sales reps because many of them will have good leads on cities and employers to seek out or avoid and can even form the nucleus of a support network when you do move to a new city.

Despite the networking you're doing, it's a good idea to keep the search private at first. If you're presently employed, your company probably won't appreciate it if you announce you're looking for other sales representative jobs. Don't search the classifieds from your work computer and only open up about your search to the people you're sure you can trust. After all, your new employer will understand—and even approve—of giving you an extra two weeks to relocate if it means you'll be serving notice at your present job. There's plenty of time to tell your boss that you're moving after you've accepted an offer.

Moving to a new city can be stressful and expensive. It can also be exciting. Having a job waiting for you before you start packing will take the edge off the transition and help your family settle into a new routine. It's to your advantage that sales representative jobs often anticipate relocation, which means your new company is probably going to be alert to your needs during the transition.


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