Base in a Box Adds New Dimension to FOBs

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If you majored in engineering or logistics, the Army may put your education to use, setting up and moving a whole new breed of FOBs (Forward Operating Bases). If you’re a camper or outdoor person at heart, this is an ideal job for you.
Military units often need to operate in remote areas unsupported by such infrastructure basics as water, electricity and sanitation. Thanks to Camp Supply International, the FOB is now completely self-contained in a big box. Their portable FOBs are essentially pop-ups versions of your standard shipping container. They’re stackable and easily hoisted on pallets using a standard hook lift. They can be maneuvered by truck and crane, and quickly transported over land, sea, road or rail.
Let’s say you needed a portable kitchen capable of preparing up to 600 meals in a remote area. With Base in a Box, four containers could be set up by two people in just ten hours. Add two more containers and you can feed up to 1,000. To ensure proper hygiene, each pop-up kitchen would feature stainless steel interior walls, ceilings and floors. To help control the spread of viruses, microorganisms and parasites, UVC (ultra violet radiation) and air-optimization systems would be used to disinfect water, air and food prep surfaces.
Ideal for extreme conditions from the Arctic to the desert (-58 degrees to 122 degrees Fahrenheit), the Base in a Box can be equipped with up to eight inches of insulating material, water “pipe in pipes” equipped with self-regulating heating cables, and air intakes featuring both sand and snow traps.
To speed set-up times, pre-mounted equipment in each container can easily be connected to water, drains and electricity. The FOB in a box can also be used for remote humanitarian operations and aid organizations.
Got any thoughts on portable FOBs? Feel free to share them in the comments section.
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