Beat The Heat With Green Tech For Better Engineering Jobs

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How do you take the hottest month of the year and the hottest field, green technology, and merge the two? If you're in the engineering sector, you could certainly look to green initiatives that provide cooling to warm weather cities for a head start.

Government Largesse A Big Factor

The job market is still slow, and that's understandable thanks to companies waiting to see how the recovery from one of the greatest recessions will pan out. One sector that's continuing to see major growth is the green tech industry, thanks to ongoing stimulus funds trumpeted by President Barack Obama and recently highlighted by Vice President Joe Biden.

That means that even without a lot of capital of their own creation, firms working on solar technology and energy efficiency have access to resources unavailable to other companies because of government policy. Ongoing incentives such as the Energy Star program will only strengthen that.

Relationships To Technology

When we spoke about air conditioning, you likely thought of the fans in the windows, or perhaps vents in family rooms at home. But it's not just residential areas that need it, as major computing firms like Google can attest to.

Keeping servers and other networking hardware cool is one of the most difficult factors for designing new infrastructure, and any advances in the field will create large dividends for the company that can develop those solutions and offer engineering job prospects.

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