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Engineering jobs often spring up around cities with exceptional levels of engineering capacity. The cities with the greatest engineering capacity are likely to play a major role in the advancement of technology and construction methods in the near future. Cities that have taken the lead in the number of available engineering professionals per 1,000 employed workers stand at the forefront of research and development. These cities lead the pack in innovation and opportunities for engineering jobs.

Engineers tackle a variety of different tasks. The field of information technology has quickly become the work of choice for skilled engineers, and that is especially apparent in the city of Santa Clara, California. With forty-five engineering professionals for every employed worker in the area, the San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara region has plenty of available engineering capacity for dealing with exciting tech challenges. The fabled Silicon Valley is home to many of the largest and most innovative information technology specialist centers in the world, and it offers great opportunities for those looking for engineering jobs.

Engineering professionals are also in high demand in the manufacturing sector. Specialists in this sector help design the methods that allow manufacturers to quickly produce and move their goods to market. Wichita, Kansas, leads the pack when it comes to manufacturing engineering specialists. With 20.9 engineering specialists for each 1,000 employed workers, the city has quickly gained prominence as one of the leaders in aerospace manufacture and engineering. This has revitalized the area and continued growth leads to engineering jobs for both new and experienced workers.

Energy, and notably energy transmission, engineering is a rapidly developing market for engineering jobs. The city of Houston, Texas, has recently been dubbed the world energy capital. With 59,000 engineering experts, or 22.4 per employed worker, Houston is ready to tackle the demands of modern energy technologies. Those looking for work in this expanding field are likely to find a multitude of opportunities with expert firms in Houston. Energy engineering has a chance to change the future with the adoption of emerging alternative energy development as well as refining and efficiency research.

The three fields of information technology, manufacturing, and energy engineering have much to offer aspiring engineering professionals. Cities with the greatest amount of engineering capacity continue to provide excellent innovation and development in a variety of fields. The Silicon Valley region with its cities of San Jose, Santa Clara, and Sunnyvale leads the pack in IT engineering. Manufacturing experts flock to Wichita in America's heartland, and energy specialists head to Houston in search of engineering jobs that could lead to the development of technologies that dramatically affect the way the world uses its resources. All of these cities have exceptional engineering capacity that includes engineering workers and firms that are looking toward the future.

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