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Nancy Anderson
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College life is now behind you or maybe you are close to graduating. Have you thought about what type of job you want to look for? Have you given any thought to how you might find that job? Certainly you can look for a job online along with the thousands of other job seekers. However, you are in a very unique situation wherein you have a career center available for your use.

Most colleges today, even with the downsizing and budget cuts, still have a career center. They offer invaluable information from how to write a resume, to how to dress for an interview, to interviewing skills and how to find that perfect job. They are invaluable resources for students and they are free. They typically have trained staff standing by to guide you to your first position using the degree that you worked so hard to obtain. They can assist you with finding internships and jobs, making career choices, deciding on the possibility of graduate school as well as offering a very wide range of events, workshops on resume writing, cover letters and so much more.

Career centers have a library of resources containing hundreds of books and publications for your use. They are usually registered with some type of central database where they receive job notifications specially designed for the degrees they offer. Use these centers to create and print your resume as well as searching for jobs and internships.

Life is going to get very hectic when you graduate. You will have a lot of decisions to make including how to pay back all of those student loans! Now is the time to start planning for that. Take advantage of the fact that your college receives notification of job postings that you will not find online. Stop in and see your career counselor today!

By: Nancy Anderson, Staff Writer

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