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People are unique in so many ways. Just like fingerprints or DNA, everyone has his particular footprint, formula or configuration that makes him who he is. The “one-size-fits-all” mindset doesn’t work with fashion, education, work, or point-of-view—just about any situation or problem can have as many different solutions as there are people involved.


Anyone who manages people knows that no matter how flexible your policies, procedures, work hours or benefits, someone isn’t going to be happy with working conditions. According to “experts,” certain personalities are supposed to be more successful in a particular career than others. Instead of trying to fit different personalities and work styles into the same pattern of doing things, why not capitalize on differences and make them work to accomplish the same results. 


Sales professionals are supposed to be assertive, friendly extroverts who love to meet people, build relationships and go for the close. While those strengths can put you on a path to success, others can be successful, too. Sales teams with the same personalities can get bogged down or find themselves competing among themselves instead of working together. An article, “4 Unique Work Styles: What’s Yours?” examines four different work styles, all of which contribute to a successful team.  Whether you work as a team or solo, these work styles can contribute to a successful sales career.


Doers get things done. They are so focused on being productive and making their sales quotas that they can forget to communicate effectively. Sales Doers forget that they need the help of others in order to be effective. Many times they get so bogged down with details, completing paperwork or other administrative tasks that they can miss big opportunities. 


Sales leaders make great inspirational motivators. They have the ability to rally the team and get them excited about the product and the process. Leaders are able to gather a lot of support for themselves and their ideas. If you’re a leader, you have the ability to put an effective team together and lead them to achieve aggressive sales goals. Leaders have to remember that they are still part of the team and not get separated from the work that goes along with being part of a working team as well. 


Lovers are those kind, sensitive relationship builders that are always looking out for the interest of others. They are great at building professional relationships with clients, anticipating their needs and offering sensitive, personalized service. However, lovers can be so focused on pleasing others and making them happy that they can lose sight of the value of a salesperson who knows the product and what can best meet the customer’s needs. Lovers are pleasers, and may not feel comfortable disagreeing with a client, even when it’s in his best interest.


Learners are just that. They like to know everything they can about their products and their clients. They are great researchers, and like to stay on top of the latest trends in the industry. Learners surprise and delight their clients by knowing them so well that they can choose products or services for their unique situations. Personalization makes them unique in their sales style. 


No matter what your personal work style, you can be successful in sales by understanding your style and making it work for you. You can borrow from other styles to round out your skills and boost your productivity and effectiveness. Contributing your sales DNA to the team will produce an effective outcome for the team and your clients.


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  • Fredrick B
    Fredrick B
    can you believe that a true student of the craft naturally acquires over the years in their profession a residue of each trait which enables them to be more effective communicators,one close at a size definitely do not fit all sales calls.

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