Engineering Careers in Nanotechnology Show Promise

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In nanotechnology, engineers create high-performance materials and components by integrating atoms and molecules. It's a growing field just coming out of its infancy with some truly exciting pioneering work in all areas. Granted, nanotech spending and the demand for nanomaterials has fallen--due to the ongoing recession--the U.S. may still realize nanotechnology’s workforce promise.

Nanoscience is interdisciplinary, so pinpointing the kind of graduates needed, or their exact numbers may be difficult. That said, nanotech engineers will need a solid foundation in a variety of sciences. Once hired, they can be trained to suite the specific application.

There's no doubt that nanotechnology isn’t quite as fashionable as it was five or six years ago. Nanotech job growth in 2009 was just half that of the previous year. Yet industry observers still believe the industry will continue to expand, impacting such fields as energy, the environment, electronics, health care, and many others.

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For the latest news and developments in nanotechnology, check out the International Association of Nanotechnology. If you're able, attend the 6th International Congress of Nano Bio Clean Tech 2010 conference on Oct 24 - Oct 27, 2010 at the San Francisco Airport Crowne Plaza.

I was fascinated when I first heard about nanotechnology. Check out this video that reveals the true promise of Nanotechnology in Medicine.

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