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If you are ready for a new challenge in the engineering field, it might be time to start searching for another job. Fortunately, engineering is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States, making more engineering jobs available to people with the right knowledge and skills. Whether you are still relatively new to the field or you have decades of work experience, now is a great time to look for engineering jobs in your area of expertise.

Where you live has a big impact on how easy it is to find a job in the engineering field. Many engineering jobs are available in Houston where engineering is expected to remain the top in-demand job for 2014. Filling these engineering jobs is a priority for recruiters and business owners, especially because there is a perceived talent gap in Houston and the surrounding areas. Because Texas is a rich source of oil, the energy industry has a lot of engineering jobs available for everyone from recent grads to experienced professionals.

The number of baby boomer engineers who will be retiring soon is another reason engineers are in such high demand. Many firms are concerned about the "knowledge seep" that could occur if baby boomers retire without sharing their expertise with younger engineers. Some companies are implementing programs to help facilitate the transfer of knowledge between experienced engineers and those who are fairly new to the field. These programs focus on collecting relevant knowledge and organizing information in a way that's easy to understand.

Petroleum engineers are in especially high demand this year. This is one of the top ten fast growing jobs in the nation, just behind service unit operators for the oil, gas, and mining industries. Petroleum engineers get paid very well, with the median annual salary for this job topping $130,000 in 2012. You must have at least four years of work experience to qualify for this type of job. Petroleum engineering involves planning drilling operations and selecting the right drilling equipment for extracting natural gas and oil from the earth. If petroleum engineering does not appeal to you, consider an engineering job in a different sector. Biomedical engineers are in high demand right now, and the demand is expected to grow by nearly 62 percent between 2010 and 2020.    

If you are ready to advance your career, apply for one of the fast growing jobs in the engineering industry. More jobs are available now due to the high number of baby boomers who plan to retire, the increased demand for US-based oil and natural gas drilling, and recent advances in health care and technology. Petroleum engineering and biomedical engineering are just two major areas of opportunity. If you want to earn more money or increase your job satisfaction, update your resume and apply for one of the rewarding engineering jobs available in your area.



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