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The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show attracted people from all over the world for three days of demonstrations and information about new products. The CES showcases some of the best innovations in each industry, making it one of the most popular events for consumers and industry insiders. The Consumer Electronics Show is also where the Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards have been held for the past eight years, so a number of engineering marvels have been unveiled at this annual event.

Wearable tech dominated this year's Consumer Electronics Show, but engineers also received accolades for their work with 3-D printing, additive manufacturing, and technology for a better world. The CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards recognized Formlabs and WobbleWorks for their contributions to the field of 3-D printing and additive manufacturing. Formlabs received an award for the Form 1 3-D printer, which makes 3-D printing technology available to a wider audience. WobbleWorks was recognized for the 3Doodler, the first 3-D printing pen in the world.

More than a dozen awards were given in the Technology for a Better World category of the CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards. UnitedHealth Group received an award for NOT ME, a diabetes prevention program that combines online classes, reality TV segments, and tracking tools to aid in the prevention of diabetes. DriveID by obdEdge, LLC, was recognized for its state-of-the-art ability to detect the driver of a vehicle and apply a safety policy to that person's mobile devices, reducing the risk of distracted driving and leaving vehicle passengers free to use their tablets and smartphones.

Engineering professionals from Samsung Electronics were also recognized for their curved LED monitor. Curved monitors were very popular at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, but the Samsung V27 was the first of its kind. The sleek monitor has a slim profile and narrow bezel, making it ideal for multiscreen displays. One of the most interesting engineering marvels recognized at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show was the Parrot AR.MiniDrone by Parrot. This exciting product blends technology and engineering seamlessly, allowing users to pilot the AR.MiniDrone with Bluetooth. For people who often forget to charge their devices, the iNPOFi foldable charger by Kirk H&J Corporation was also a welcome sight. This award winner emits no radiation and features increased power transfer efficiency to reduce the amount of time it takes to charge wireless devices. Best of all, it folds for easy storage.

Attending the CES gives consumers an inside look at some of the hottest products ready to hit the market. Engineers are an important part of this event because these award-winning products would not exist without their efforts. If you did not attend this year's Consumer Electronics Show, make it a priority to attend the next one. The 2015 show will take place in Las Vegas from Jan. 6 through Jan. 9.



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