Engineers to Develop Mind Reading Devices

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IBM recently predicted that engineers will soon be working on machines capable of reading minds and identifying whose minds they reading. If you’re a young engineer or an EE, ME or computer systems graduate, this could be your chance to spearhead some exciting breakthrough innovations.

The computer giant based its predictions on societal trends and research, and noted that we may be seeing mind reading devices by as early as 2017. In practical terms, the goal is to initially link a human brain to a smartphone. Users would be able to ring a person by simply using thought waves to move a cursor on a screen.

A person can already be identified by biometrics—using retina scans or face or voice recognition software. Passwords will soon be passé. ATM money transfers will increasingly be handled, not by keying in a PIN number, but by simply speaking your name and letting face recognition software identify you—much like a close friend or relative would separate you from a stranger. The logical next step would be to approach an ATM and, once you’re identified, simply think about how much you want to withdraw.

Known as bioinformatics, mind-reading technology will initially surface in the gaming and entertainment industries. Other potentially useful applications will emerge in the medical field. Doctors could test brain patterns, possibly even help stroke sufferers, and gain a better understanding of brain disorders like autism.

Eventually, mind reading devices will shrink in size and possibly be embedded into baseball caps, allowing unobtrusive mind control of phones, computers, games, ATMs and even automobiles. As you can see, the sky’s the limit in mind control engineering careers.

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