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Whether you are changing careers or fresh out of college starting a new career, there are many resources available to assist in locating an entry level position to get you started. College students need to really take advantage of their school’s career services department, both in the beginning and over time.


Many schools offer the job assistance programs to alumni pretty much indefinitely. Back in 2004 I decided to go back to school myself. I had been doing web design on the side, self-taught, since 1996, but decided it was time to switch things up and make that my actual primary career. So, off I went, back to school to get a degree saying I knew what I was doing in the field I had been working in for so long.


Upon graduation, the school’s career office located a position for me within about two weeks of graduation, and that position was actually with the school itself, as a web technician working with their online course web division. After about a year there, I moved on to another position which was located for me again by the career office (much to the aggravation of my boss, who did not like that her own company found me a new job – which I do not blame her). Even now, eight years later, I am still on various related school lists and have the opportunity to use their services in the future if needed. So, make sure you stay in touch with your school’s career office over the years, it can come in handy.


If you are still in school, be sure to see if your school offers assistance with finding an internship. Not only does it offer you the much needed experience, but if your performance shines bright enough, you may just be able to be taken on in a full time position.


You can also find many online sites and resources for college students to assist in locating all types of jobs, including some specifically targeted as entry level positions.  Ask your career office if they have partnered with any specific sites that require a specific password from the school in order to gain entrance and registration, as some colleges do offer that service too.


For those of you not fresh out of college, but still looking for a new career, there are off course many types of job sites available online, as well as local agencies that can assist in finding all types of positions, including entry level, temporary, seasonal, internships, project based, and full time openings.


Every year, all types of employers hire huge numbers of people into entry level positions, and recent reports have shown that the majority of new jobs being created over the past six to twelve months, have been these type of entry levels positions. So, be persistent and use all of the resourscs you can to locate and land that new career.


If you have any specific tips that you would like to share, please comment below, I am sure it will be appreciated by everyone.


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