Global Software Engineering Challenges to be Addressed at Upcoming ICGSE

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by Alex A. Kecskes

It's one of the largest gatherings of academic and corporate researchers in the world. It's the sixth IEEE International Conference on Global Software Engineering (ICGSE) to be held in Helsinki, Finland from August 15 - 18th 2011. And if you're a software engineer, you should be there.

The conference will unite researchers and practitioners interested in exploring the many ways globally distributed teams can work, and how to best meet the many challenges facing the industry.

The ICGSE 2011 organizing committee invites the academic and industrial communities to contribute their knowledge and expertise to the international global software engineering community. Conference attendees will be afforded the opportunity to explore the current state of practice in this area, as well as new thoughts and trends that are sure to shape the future. To underscore the emphasis on Industry, an industry track will be included in this year's conference for which papers will be separately reviewed.

Global software engineering offers many challenges and opportunities. The cultural diversity of culture and the dispersion of talent over vast global distances calls for innovations in techniques, tools and practices.

The conference is now in the final stages of soliciting submissions for critically important papers, including:
  • Strategic issues in distributed development: business models (offshoring, nearshoring, outsourcing etc.), business case development, work distribution models, supplier selection and management, cost-benefit-risk analysis
  • Managing distributed software development: planning, team building, project and SLA management, managing diversity, measurements and evaluation
  • Methods and tools for distributed software development: requirements engineering, design, coding, verification, testing and maintenance
  • Communication, coordination and collaboration
  • Knowledge management in distributed development
  • Getting started with global software engineering
  • Empirical studies of distributed teams and lessons learnt
  • Software Process paradigms in the global environment (planned, agile etc)
  • Teaching global software development
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