Good News: Hiring is Up and Unemployment is Down

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As CNN Money recently reported, the unemployment rate fell to 8.5% in December - its lowest level since February 2009. This is great news for recent college graduates and young workers who are searching for a job. Though the recent boost is helped by holiday-related jobs, this is a positive sign in a struggling economy.

Not only are students today graduating without jobs, but they're graduating with mounting debt. Due to this fact, many young people go on to work part-time while continuing education until the job market gets better. Though additional training is helpful, many younger workers become over-educated and underpaid. That is why it is vital that young people get into a good field where they can grow.

As this article states, the manufacturing, health care, and education industries are picking up again. This is a bright spot in a dismal recession where many feel there is no end in the near future. It is a great time to evaluate career goals and try your hand at an industry that has experienced growth. It can lead you in a path that you never expected, which can be daunting yet exciting.

Have you had any luck in your job search recently? Let me know.

Amy M worked in corporate public relations for three years before returning to graduate school to become an English and Social Studies teacher. She is also a freelance writer for CollegeJobBank. In her free time, Amy likes to practice yoga. She is a self-proclaimed 'American history nerd.' Read more of her blogs at Find jobs and other information at Nexxt

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article posted by Staff Editor
article posted by Staff Editor

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