Google Internships—Not Just for Tech Majors

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by Alex A. Kecskes

If you're looking for a challenge and a way to "hit the ground running" in the job market, major firms around the country are offering a wide array of internships.

Google, for example, now offers internship opportunities throughout the year—not just summer. If you're a Computer Science or other high-tech major, they offer internships in several of their Engineering and Product Management groups. Even if you're a Psyche or Art History major, Google has an internship program that will challenge you and help you grow professionally. The company has internships for virtually any major—including Finance, Marketing, and Sales. Best of all, the internships are paid and the food is free.

For opportunities within their Engineering department, check out their Engineering internships site and apply. For opportunities within their Business Operations, Sales, and Marketing departments, check out their MBA and graduate internships site and apply.

If you like to travel and possibly work overseas, Google has several exciting Intern Programs around the world. These internships come with some pretty substantial benefits. Check out what Google interns are doing (and learning) in Europe and China.

For another perspective, check out this video:

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