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Professional salespeople know that staying ahead of market trends and movements is one of the keys to success in this highly competitive field. Sales jobs tend to crop up in growing markets, where demand outpaces supply and leads to rapid expansion. These markets are a great source of opportunity for sales professionals, giving them the incentive and support necessary to drive great sales as part of long-term sales careers or short-term sales jobs for immediate financial needs. Choosing the right market can have a major impact on the success of a sales professional, and growing markets provide a springboard to success.

Bain and Co. announced as part of their forecast that luxury goods are expected to do well in the near future, and this growing market is a great place for sales jobs at many different levels. Many salesperson opportunities are likely to arise from expansion rise in the overall quantity of sales of luxury watches, perfumes, clothing, and jewelry as the market grows. This is a high-end market with many of opportunities for aggressive salespeople with an eye for quality over quantity.

Tech-minded salespeople may wish to seek sales jobs in the fast-growing networking and data storage sector. There is a real need for expansion of storage capacity for companies that continually take in and store data about activities such as the delivery and functioning of utilities or consumer habits. Salesperson opportunities in this market include business-to-business sales as well as direct marketing to consumers who need extensive backups for private information. The ability to sell to both private and business users offers great benefits in this expanding market.

Salespeople in the auto industry have struggled recently, along with the market at large, but the auto market still needs tech-savvy experts who can help inform and educate new buyers about electric and hybrid vehicles. The latest trend in car propulsion is delivering great benefits for buyers and car companies alike, stoking interest in environmental issues as well as providing alternatives to traditional gas-fueled designs. This provides plenty of opportunities for sales jobs that involve helping potential customers understand the differences between electric, hybrid, and internal-combustion engines and directing customers towards making the right decision for them.

Many different opportunities exist in today's growing markets for salespeople. Skilled sales experts of all types have a wealth of options when looking to expand into new markets or break into a brand-new field. Advances in automotive and storage-based technology created new venues for skill development in sales markets, and traditional luxury goods seem poised for growth and expansion in the near future. These markets all have something to offer for those looking for sales jobs if they are willing to put in the time and effort to learn about specialized products or services and deliver exactly what the customer needs.


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