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What is a Holiday Representative? A holiday representative is a person who looks after and takes care of large groups of guests at a resort. The guests are there during holidays and the holiday representative makes sure they have the time of their lives. So just what does a holiday representative do? Let’s look into it.

First of all, you would meet the guests at the airport. You make sure the luggage is checked through and problems dealt with. Then the guests are escorted to the resort. You make arrangements and host a welcome meeting. This lets the guests mingle and get to know each other. At the same time, you can give information about their trip, car rentals, excursions and activities. You have to be able to answer any questions about the resort and surrounding area. You also need to have alternate activities planned in case of inclimate weather or other reasons for cancellation.

Writing daily reports and maintaining records is a big part of the job. You also will deal with customer complaints whether it’s lost luggage or unsuitable accommodations. In order to earn more money, you will be getting commissions from everything you offer to the customer through your tour company. When you make a recommendation to your customer, you represent your company. Make sure you have all the information and facts before proposing your idea to your customers.

One thing to realize is that you have very little down time if any during your working tour. The customers think of you as a friendly face and want to socialize with you. You also need to know all the emergency numbers and hospitals. Let your guests know you’re there if they need you. Your job is to make sure your guests have a memorable time so they go back happy and content.

So what are the qualifications needed to become a holiday representative? You have to be at least 18 years old although some places you need to be 21. A qualification in Travel and Tourism is an asset and will get you a second look. You have to have a love of travel, excellent customer service skills, good time management skills and tons of patience. The company that hires you will put you through an intense two to four week introduction course. This course should cover health and safety, dealing with customer complaints, exchange rates and how to organize excursions.

Some of the benefits would be free travel and accommodations and reduced or free meals. You will meet thousands of different people and each day is different from the one before. Sometimes, if it’s possible, you may get a resort that you’ve asked to work at although it isn’t guaranteed. When the busy season has ended and you’re good at what you do, then you may get an offer of winter work. This can be at a ski resort or a winter sun resort if your tour company gives this option.

Being a holiday rep is hard work but it can also be fun and rewarding. You get to travel around the world and also get paid for it. Who can beat that?

By Linda Lee Ruzicka

Linda Lee Ruzicka lives in the mountains of Western PA , happily married and with her 8 cats and three dogs. She has been published in Twilight Times, Dark Krypt, Fables, Writing Village, June Cotner anthology, The Grit, Reminisce , the book, Haunted Encounters: Friends and Family. She also does freelances work for Beyond and Hospitalityjobsite. You can read more of her blogs on Hospitalityjobsite blog.


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