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STEM jobs—jobs in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields—are especially desirable for recent graduates. College grads have the skills needed to excel in these jobs, and they are rewarded for those skills with higher-than-average pay and benefits packages that rival those of experienced workers in other industries. Some of the best STEM jobs are even available to those with associate's degrees, so it is possible to enter a lucrative field with just two years of college education. College grads should consider these jobs when searching for employment, as they pay well and offer opportunities for advancement.


Jacquelyn Smith of Forbes.com reports that Microsoft, Amazon, and several other well-known companies are in need of graduates to fill open STEM jobs. Software engineers are especially in demand, as they ensure that all the software produced by these companies works properly. Software engineers also create and modify computer applications, so they are very valuable to their employers. The average annual salary for a software engineer is $78,714 in the United States, according to the salary figures available on Nexxt.


"Forbes" recently released a list of the top ten STEM jobs in the United States. The top four spots on the list were taken by engineering jobs, as employers are struggling to find skilled candidates to fill jobs in petroleum engineering, marine engineering, chemical engineering, and nuclear engineering. The median salary for a petroleum engineer with three or fewer years of experience and a bachelor's degree is $88,700. Entry-level marine engineers have a median annual salary of $62,200. These engineers maintain and repair the mechanical systems of sailboats, submarines, and other vessels.


Chemical engineering combines engineering principles with the principles of chemistry, making it a rewarding career for someone with a dual interest in science and engineering. The median annual salary of a chemical engineer with no more than three years of experience is $62,200. Aerospace engineering also made an appearance on the Forbes list, with a median salary of $58,000 for graduates with no more than three years of experience. Aerospace engineers work with aircraft, spacecraft, and other types of machinery, so there are a number of STEM jobs available for those with the right skills.


If you are an engineering graduate, now is the right time to pursue a STEM career. The right education and training can help you land a job that pays well over $50,000 per year and has intangible benefits that include a high level of job satisfaction. If you have not yet graduated, seek out opportunities to shadow people in your chosen field, or complete an internship to get a sense of what it will be like to work in the field. These steps will give you a better chance of getting one of the best-paying STEM jobs when you graduate.


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