How Does the Internet of Things Impact Your Employees?

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The Internet of Things has exploded onto the scene as devices link to each other using wireless communications. This concept affects how your company runs, earns money and increases productivity. The Internet of Things also changes the way your employees perform basic job duties.

Mobile devices allow anyone to connect with computers at the office. This means you may check emails, reports and metrics at lunch, on the way to work and just about anywhere. Access sensors, specialized devices and employee software remotely without walking through the door yet. Interconnected devices within a vehicle could even make your commute better as cars gather data, such as traffic patterns or emergency situations, while on the road. All of these types of devices let someone become more efficient away from the office.

Once in the door, employees work better when there is a reward involved and tasks become more fun. Software can turn a boring task into a game with a prize at the end, using wearable technology with wireless connectivity to give an instant gift for extra productivity. Earn that $10 gift card, extra time off or free coffee when you work harder. IoT devices have the ability to monitor how you work, suggest improvements and turn you into a better producer in real time.

When work takes employees out of the office, wearable technology can help. New watches can verbally remind you of meetings, sales pitches to clients and customer data on the go. When a teammate delivers his sales pitch, access a potential client's industry and job title and notes from the last meeting. Data on your current clients may include their last order and all relevant data that go with that order.

As with every new thing at the office, this technology has a learning curve that everyone gets used to over time. In the end, the added productivity exceeds the initial investment. All of this accessible data create talking points that improve relationships and increase your company's bottom line all because of better employee performance due to wireless devices that gather and transmit relevant information.

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