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This time of year, you are most likely extremely busy with your coursework. However, now is also an excellent time to start thinking about your summer job prospects. Why? Well, simply put, the best jobs often have quite a bit of competition and early job application deadlines.

Determine what you are looking for in a summer job.

For instance, are you looking for specific job experience in your chosen field or are you looking for a job just to pay the bills? Another point to think about is whether or not this job will lead to more lucrative work down the line.

Consider the logistics.

Moreover, it is important to also consider where you will be spending the summer. If you live in a rural area for instance, your job choices will be more limited although in many cases, you do not need to worry about paying rent if you are staying in your parents’ home. If you are in a larger center, then you also need to be concerned about how you will be able to get to work – for instance, do you have a car that you can drive or will you be reliant on public transit? In these two cases, you would have to take the price of parking (if applicable) into consideration as well as the hours that the public transit is open in your city, for example.

Prepare Your Resume

Once you have narrowed down the type of job that you seek for summer employment, it is of course important that you update your resume at this time. Ensure that you add any new and relevant work experiences to your resume. Also, ensure that you list all volunteer and extracurricular activities on the resume as employers, in general, prefer to hire a well-rounded employee. Once you have completed your resume, give your resume to a friend or colleague to look over. After all, they may have some helpful suggestions for you!

Engage in Your Job Search

As you most likely will have access to a Career Services department at your college or university, it makes complete sense to begin your job search here. Other great places to find job listings include job sites, government sites, and related areas. Following companies and recruiters on Twitter is another great way to obtain job leads. Additionally, you should also let friends, family, professors and colleagues know that you are searching for a summer job as they may have some job leads for you.

While searching for a summer job may be tedious at times, if you are persistent, you just may end up in the summer job of your dreams.

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