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Getting a personal assistant job is a great way to keep your administrative skills fresh and learn how to perform new tasks. If you're interested in becoming a personal assistant, you must be willing to use non-traditional job search methods. Although some people advertise personal assistant openings in the newspaper, others use freelance bidding sites or online bulletin boards to post vacancies. Follow these tips to get a personal assistant job you will enjoy.

Successful personal assistants have strong interpersonal skills, are calm under stress, and can maintain a constant level of professionalism. They're also quick thinkers, problem solvers, and skilled organizers. Thanks to a specific skill set, the average personal assistant in the US earns $38,896 per year, according to Nexxt's salary center. If this sounds like you (and you're interested in the salary), then there are few ways to increase your chances of finding a personal assistant job.

Networking is one of the most important things you can do if you want to become a personal assistant. Because personal assistants have access to credit card numbers, bank accounts, Social Security numbers, and other confidential information, many people prefer to hire assistants they have already met. Referrals are also essential for success in this industry. Make sure you attend events with people who have done business with you and who are willing to refer you to people in need of your services. Credibility and visibility are very important if you want to use your networking efforts to become a personal assistant.

Working with an agency is another good way to find work as a personal assistant. Agencies match skilled assistants with corporate executives, celebrities, and wealthy individuals. The assistants placed by these agencies typically handle office organization, event coordination, travel planning, and calendar management responsibilities. A personal assistant may also pay bills, make appointments, and run errands for clients. If you are interested in working with an agency, make sure your resume reflects your current skills and work experience. It may take some time to find a job because agencies usually work very hard to make sure applicants match their clients' needs. It might be weeks or even months before there is an opening that matches your background.

You can start your personal assistant job search on Nexxt, and add your location to see opportunities near you. Additionally, some clients advertise personal assistant openings on sites such as TaskRabbit, oDesk, Elance, and Craigslist. Include these sites in your job search so you don't miss out on valuable opportunities. Use the search function of each site to search for terms such as "personal assistant," "executive personal assistant," and "household manager." If you apply for jobs online, you might have to agree to a Skype interview or telephone interview before you have a chance to meet a potential client in person. Most clients will check your references and perform background checks before hiring you, so expect the hiring process to take at least a few weeks.

Being a personal assistant is often very rewarding, especially if you get to travel with your clients. If you are interested in this type of job, make sure you attend networking events regularly. Agencies are available to help you find work, but the hiring process may take several months. If you prefer to look for jobs on your own, look for personal assistant openings advertised on sites such as Nexxt, Craigslist, and Elance.


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