How to Get a Job with Only a Degree

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You just got your “sheepskin” in business or an MBA. You graduated at the top of your class. Unfortunately, all you have for experience on your resume is stints at the local burger joint or clothing boutique. So you’re out there with the graduated masses who hold “paper” but no real business experience. What to do to get that first real job?
The hard, cold facts are, if your resume is shorter than a bachelor’s grocery list, you need to look into large companies offering part-time jobs, volunteer work or internships—preferably in the industry you want to get into.
Getting in on the ground floor of a company and learning the ropes can be crucial. For one thing, it can help you connect with the people you may need to know to get a full time position. Name dropping managers and supervisors in an interview can work in your favor here. Part time and intern work can also help you decide which sub field of administrative work you enjoy most. Some companies have “rotator” internships that will move you into a different department every 6 months. These are ideal, for they not only help you decide where you want to be, but they offer valuable connections to managers throughout the company. It also looks great on your resume to be able to list a number of different departments you’ve worked for.
Don’t forget the value of making connections at trade shows, seminars, luncheons, breakfasts, and other industry functions. Try to connect with the people at the top. Tell them you’re eager to take any internship available. Incidentally, it’s extremely important to do your homework before you attend these functions. You should be intimately familiar with the company, its operations, key leaders and accomplishments.
For an added perspective, check out this video:
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