How to Give Yourself a Self-Confidence Boost

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The number one enemy we have when trying to land the job of our dreams is the person we look at every day in the mirror. This person needs to be your biggest fan. You know who I am talking about, it is you!

So, how do you make this person an ally and not your enemy? Try using the strategy of gathering a list of your strengths from others. The first step is talk to five positive people who care about you. Your mom, dad, brother, sister, friend and favorite aunt or uncle. Ask them this question: what are three strengths that I possess? Record their answers on a digital recorder or write them down on a sheet of paper.

Next, rewrite these strengths in the following format. For example. oneit might sound like this:
Mary Smith, you are a very enthusiastic person who really cares about doing a job right. You take care of the details and make sure things are done properly. “You are dependable, friendly and get along with others harmoniously. Your attitude is unbeatable and you are the kind of person your dream company would love to hire.”

Once you have this short confidence building description written, repeat it out loud in front of the mirror in the morning after arising and before you go to bed at night. Over a period of time you will find yourself really believing what others believe and have already told you.

In summary, this strategy can help you boost your self confidence and find the job of your dreams.

By Tom Borg ©2010

Tom Borg is a consultant, trainer and coach. He is president of Tom Borg Consulting LLC. He works with the managers and employees of businesses and non-profits in the area of professional development and customer service training. He is the author of the book/cd “Making Service Count”. He earned his bachelors degree in administration and his masters degree in Educational Leadership at Eastern Michigan University. You can contact him at: 734-812-0526, or visit his website at


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