How to Juggle Tech Projects With a Small Team

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Tech projects often have multiple moving parts, which can present a challenge for a small team. When you are forced to juggle more than one project, the process becomes even more complicated. With the right tools and tactics, you can keep all your projects going without overworking your staff or missing deadlines.

When your team is dealing with several tech projects at once, the potential for confusion is high—particularly if the projects have similar components. To avoid losing track of which client needs what deliverable, project management software or an online project-tracking service is crucial. At the beginning of each project, use your software to create a complete entry. Enter all the pertinent information, from the creative brief to scheduled milestones, and ensure that each team member has access. During the process, require that each person posts updates quickly and regularly; focus on interdependencies and outstanding tasks that are holding up production. By keeping everything in one place, you can make it easier for team members to see at a glance which tasks need the most immediate attention. According to TechRepublic, the digital dashboard feature or overview screen also gives the project manager the chance to see the overall progress for each project.

To succeed at juggling multiple concurrent tech projects, your team must stay in constant communication. When each person is working on a different project and a different task, it can be difficult to keep track. This is particularly true for detail-oriented projects, like software development and coding. During the busiest times, it can be beneficial to hold daily progress meetings to encourage communication. Spend 10 to 15 minutes on each project, giving each person just enough time for a brief update. Remind team members to focus on the things they need from other people. This can help the team stay on top of pressing tasks and help you spot bottlenecks in each of your tech projects.

On a small team, it is common to share resources. When you're working on multiple tech projects at once, this can present a serious problem. If finances allow, investing in extra software licenses, computers or work spaces will enable your team to switch tasks quickly. When employees don't need to wait to move on to their next project, you can avoid backups and delays. If there is not room in the budget, consider making a schedule. If you only have one machine with enough processing power for video editing, assign each employee a block of time. That way, your team members can schedule their workload accordingly.

Juggling a number of tech projects requires careful organization and planning. By approaching each project methodically and ensuring that your team members communicate with each other, you can avoid confusion and complete each task on time.

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