How to Make the Most Out of a Summer Job

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For many college students heading off to work a summer job, thoughts of making real money and meeting new friends are at the top of the list. If the job is at a place like Disney World, Cedar Point, or some other large theme park or resort, most likely you will be living onsite or nearby the facility. Not only meeting new friends but living and socializing with them will be a big part of your experience. There are certain things you can do to make the most of the time you are investing in this experience.

First, look at your managers and supervisors as potential future employers. You never know when the people you work for in a summer job can become a person whom you work for after you graduate. They might be at the same company or a different one. Regardless, you could benefit from doing an excellent job for them this summer.

Your fellow workers could also be connected to a potential future employer. Their father or mother or relatives could run or work for a business where you could find future employment. Being on your best behavior would be to your advantage when it comes to creating future career opportunities.

Another point to consider is using your manager or supervisor as a reference for other jobs you apply for before or after graduation. By developing a solid relationship, based on your job performance this summer, you could create a very strong network of support when you begin looking for full time employment after you get your degree. The key is to be thinking about the future now.

Next, have some personal business cards made up for yourself. It leaves a good impression when a college student has the wherewithal to think like a business person. When it is appropriate, and you are able to exchange business cards with the owner of the company, manager, or supervisor, you communicate personal accountability. It broadcasts self confidence and self direction when you are able to converse with a higher up from that perspective.

Finally, when you are hired for your summer job, be prepared to learn like you have never learned before. Ask questions and learn from the best. By demonstrating a desire to learn, you show others, and more importantly yourself, that you are serious about making the very best use of the time you invest in, working the position for which you are hired. Be prepared to work overtime and go the extra mile. This is where there are never any traffic jams and you will be in a class all of your own. Remember, this summer job will be the best ever, only if you do what it takes to make it that way.

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