Hypersonic Beams Changing Our Concept of Sound

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It's one of latest engineering breakthroughs in sound transmission--Hypersonic Sound Beam Technology. And what it does is remotely transmit tightly focused sound waves to any object, wall, ceiling or surface--including people.

Hypersonic Sound Waves travel inaudibly through the air, then become audible when they impact the target surface—at distances up to 300 feet. Aim a hypersonic transducer at a person in a room and only that person will hear music, as if their head had become a speaker. This opens up a whole new dimension in sound engineering.

Hypersonic Sound Beams aimed at a product, display, or painting in a large exhibit space could emit a sound presentation to visitors standing in that immediate area. The audio would appear to come directly from the painting or product. Others located elsewhere in the space would be unaware of the sounds.

Unlike a parabolic sound focusing device, the Hypersonic Sound Beam is a flat transducer system, which can be easily and unobtrusively installed on ceilings, walls or floors, and aimed to impact the surfaces where the sound is needed.

Hypersonic Sound uses a powerful, narrow beam of modulated ultrasound to substantially change the speed of sound in the air that it passes through. The air within the beam behaves nonlinearly and extracts the modulation signal from the ultrasound, so the sound can only be heard along the path of the beam, or from any surface that the beam strikes.

For an additional perspective, check out this video:

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