If you Can React Quickly, a Career in Crisis Management is Perfect for you

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Over the past few weeks, there has been no shortage of minor and major 'crises' surrounding the country. For those of you who are communications majors or recent graduates with a marketing degree, it's the perfect time for you to evaluate what jobs might be a good fit for you. Crisis management is a growing field and it is ever-evolving. With every new technology and social media invention, the demands for appropriate public relations needs and communications techniques change. Now more than ever, companies are relying on the younger generations to navigate those changes.

On the collegiate level, there has been the recent 'Penn State scandal' and last year's accusations of misconduct in the Ohio State, USC, and Miami football programs. These crises have the tendency to take on a life of their own and can quickly grow out of hand if not dealt with in a timely fashion. On a more trivial level, there is the recent divorce of "celebrity" Kim Kardashian and the breakup of actors Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.

Events like these beg the question: who are the publicists and why are they handling this so poorly? Even so, it brings crisis management advisors and experts to the forefront. This article explains why crisis management is needed for every company, non-profit, and organization. If you are able to think quick on your feet and deal with stress in a productive and calm manner, crisis management communications might be the perfect fit for you.

Do you think crisis management is a good field to get into? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments.

Amy M worked in corporate public relations for three years before returning to graduate school to become an English and Social Studies teacher. She is also a freelance writer for CollegeJobBank.Com. In her free time, Amy likes to practice yoga. She is a self-proclaimed 'American history nerd.' Read more of her blogs at collegejobbankblog.com. Find jobs and other information at Nexxt.

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