Improve Your Corporate Culture These 6 Ways

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It's easy to get caught up in worrying about your company's bottom line, focusing on how much profit you are making and which employees bring in the most clients or sales, but there's more to a successful business than your profit margin. Your corporate culture is essential to the happiness and ultimately the productivity of your employees. Take a look at these six ways to improve that culture for a better business environment.

1. Open Up Offices

Many managers have an open door policy, but a great corporate culture requires more. Try setting up workspaces where supervisors and entry-level employees work together. When employees from top-level managers to new hires share the same space, it is easier to collaborate, and entry-level employees feel valued.

2. Support Poor Performers

Harsh criticism doesn't tend to improve anyone's performance. Think of the worst performers in your company, and try figuring out why their performance is poor. Once you determine the problem, offer support, and work together to drive improvement. A corporate culture that supports those who fail as well as those who succeed leads to happier employees who are willing to do what it takes to create better outcomes.

3. Trust Your Team

Management doesn't always understand the best ways to get things done. Trust your team members to handle the details of their assignments. Trusted employees are more likely to come to you when they have problems or request advice. A corporate culture of trust is essential to retaining your best employees. No one wants to work in a distrustful environment.

4. Prioritize Work-Life Balance

Policies that encourage a healthy work-life balance are essential to creating happy employees who love their jobs. Work toward policies that allow for flexible paid time off or work-from-home arrangements. Listen to your employees' requests with the goal of working together to ensure their jobs do not interfere too much with their family lives. Implement perks that benefit families, including great insurance plans and compressed work weeks.

5. Offer Social Activities

Social activities help your team members connect on a deeper level so that they work better together. Include team building activities, but also social events that are simply fun, such as team happy hours once a month or an after-work book club. Fun activities, such as pizza lunches or monthly birthday celebrations, are another way to encourage connections.

6. Increase Transparency

One of the fastest and easiest ways to improve your corporate culture is by increasing your company's transparency. Regularly let everyone know how the corporation is doing, and be sure all employees know exactly how they fit into the big picture. When there are problems, share them along with possible outcomes and realistic expectations for the future.

It's essential to value every employee in your organization. Retaining your current workers is always easier and less costly than hiring new workers. Increase your transparency, knock down hierarchies and create supportive policies that let your workforce know they're valued. By improving your corporate culture, you can build a company with a strong foundation that's ready to face the challenges of the future.

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