Improving Sales in 2013

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The New Year has come and there are many things to reflect upon. For instance, instead of doing business the same old way, decide to take a step out of the box and try something different. One area to do this in is in opening up sales opportunities. To improve sales, you need to be open to change that makes sense. Decide to try new sales methods, different strategies and find better techniques to develop more sales.


Setting New Goals

To improve sales, first set a goal that stretches you and your employees to get there. Determine what it’s going to take to achieve your new goal. Also, to understand what methods will work best in your sales and marketing efforts, analyze how you obtained your best customers. Did the internet work to attract them? Was it good old fashioned cold calling? Too, figure out how long your sales cycles are and your best ratio of prospects to actual customers that you have. Your customers are not numbers, but sales is a numbers game of effort to succeed.


Track your marketing activity. By measuring other means of marketing, such as special offerings or coded coupons, you can track how effective your marketing is. In this, look for more ways to sell your products to your customers. If your company is product oriented, you can try adding additional complementary items. Then again, if the customer buys a certain amount you can add services. Also, by diversifying your income opportunities, you have more opportunities to increase sales.


Exploring Other Avenues

Utilize your employees; they can be the best source for new ideas. They know your business, want success and can look at your organization from another angle. You can also boost employee morale by creating a bonus system that is limited to short term projects instead of having employees wait until the end of the year for bonuses. This increases your employees’ morale and gives them incentives, giving you increased sales.


You should never make a business decision based on cost as the main factor. By substituting the idea of “cost” with the question of what the value is should be your guiding factor. Of course, common sense is important here. The idea of costs keeps business expenses in line so there is no true divorce from costs. Still, eliminating dollar signs has a way of humanizing your customers which is good for sales.


Talk to Your Customers

Customers can be another great resource when it comes to ideas. They can give you feedback on your products. Ask customers for their comments on your current lines and product samples. Clients can save you from making costly mistakes, and you can figure out from their input what sells the best. Also by presenting your product as a solution to a problem it will win over your customers.


Ask your customers about their in store experience. Were they greeted cordially? Is the environment pleasant and customer friendly? How was the customer service? By paying attention to how your customers feel when in your store, it can increase your sales -- the human factor again.


By reviewing what works and doesn’t work for you, and finding new ways to increase your sales, you can improve revenue for this New Year.


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