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A successful engineering career often precludes extensive periods of international travel. Remote locations have recently opened up a wealth of engineering possibilities, so industry professionals are beginning to see other options. If you have a penchant for locations around the globe, international engineering jobs may offer the ideal solution.

Over the past several decades, professionals in the engineering industry have seen a rise in engineering sites around the world. Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, is a prime example. The city saw a massive growth in construction begin in 2000, when the sheik decided to reshape Dubai into an international tourism and business destination. With corporation-friendly tax laws and a large free zone, people began to flow into the region. As a result, Dubai required an influx of engineers to design and supervise the construction of the new buildings that were needed to meet growing real estate demands.

Construction leveled off in the recession of 2008, but experts predict that Dubai is set to regain its position as a hotspot for international engineering jobs. According to a recent story in Arabian Business, the Dubai market is growing steadily, which is likely to result in yet another boom in construction. Because the majority of Dubai's population is not native to the area, international professionals have a good chance of snagging some of these jobs for engineers.

Professionals who are looking for international engineering jobs a bit closer to home can look to Berlin as an excellent option. The city is fast becoming a haven for technology start-ups, which means an increase in jobs for engineers. Drawn in by the reasonable cost of living and the exciting social scene, engineers in Berlin have opportunities to get involved in a wide range of projects. The technological community in Berlin may not be as advanced as other cities around the country, but it's a rapidly growing place to find international engineering jobs and become established as an expert in the field.

Perhaps the most exotic of the growing engineering hotspots is China. The country is rapidly expanding its capabilities in a range of areas, from construction to large machine manufacturing. For American engineers, the easiest way to find international engineering jobs in China is to get hired by an American company with branches overseas. Then you can be guaranteed a smooth visa and residency process, as well as increased assistance in the country. Many US-based companies also offer short-term placements in China, which can give you a taste of international life without a long commitment.

Whether you are looking for a short-term experience or planning to relocate permanently, international engineering jobs can ensure that you are able to make it financially. By focusing on areas with a wealth of jobs, you can increase your chances of success and speed up the job-hunting process.


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