iPads Changing the Hospitality Industry

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by Alex A. Kecskes

iPads are coming to a hotel near you. They'll be everywhere, connecting you with an endless array of services with unheard of ease and mobility. Hotels are handing out iPads to streamline everything from check-ins to in-room service. And hotel managers say that's just the beginning.

Major hotels are equipping their service staffs with iPads. You'll be able to swipe your credit card, sign in, check in and create your ekey--all from the convenience of an iPad. You'll also be able to order drinks and upload your favorite publication or newspaper from countries around the world using an iPad Kiosk app.

Hotels are equipping guestrooms with iPads that include virtual concierge programs. These will allow guests to order room service, secure tickets to area events, arrange limo or taxi service, review the hotel's menu and cocktail offerings, even contact the general manager for special requests.

Want to know about a fashion show, concert, play or sports event in the area? It's all on the iPad. Same for TV shows and movies—iPads will provide complete access. Some hotels now offer complimentary iPads in their Premier Suites for guests to use during their stay.

Other hotels offer a Personalized Digital Concierge app on each iPad, which allows guests to effortlessly order room service, reserve a table at area or hotel restaurants, schedule a massage or reserve cabana. The iPads can even be pre-loaded with movies, music, and books via a Kindle app.

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