Is a Career in Social Media for You?

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Thanks to the popularity of Web 2.0, some interesting careers within the social media realm have emerged in recent years. In fact, this new field has become so popular that colleges and universities have begun to introduce social media courses into its curriculum.

Social media, itself, refers to an online presence that permits online users to engage in conversations with this online material. As this field is a relatively new one, the starting salaries for social media positions can vary widely. However, in general the more experience that you have in copywriting, marketing, journalism, and social media itself, the more likely that you will garner a higher salary.

To be successfully in social media though, you need to have the following traits:

Personality – you must be able to successfully engage with your audience

Knowledge – you should be tech savvy, understand how social media marketing works, and how to effectively measure your efforts

Creativity – you must be a creative person that is able to generate ideas and implement these ideas in an effective manner

That said, while there are full-time positions in social media fields, the majority of the available social media jobs are freelance positions. There additionally are a variety of social media related positions available to prospective employees – some of the available job titles that are currently popular include:

Community Managers – people employed as Community Managers look after the forums, blogs, and related social media for businesses. In other words then, these people monitor exactly what is being said and also encourage online users to participate within the community. To be considered for this type of position, you should ideally have a background in writing and social media marketing.

Social Media Strategist – people employed as Social Media Strategists plan, implement, and measure the success of social marketing campaigns. A background in writing, marketing and implementing successful social media marketing campaigns is helpful.

Blogger – individuals employed as bloggers write short informative articles for companies. In general, companies employ bloggers to share specialized knowledge, obtain a loyal readership following and/or improve search engine rankings. To become a successful blogger, a background in writing or journalism is required.

Without a doubt then, the future of careers in the social media field looks promising!

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Larisa Redins is a full time writer and editor with degrees in both Arts and Biological Science. She writes about career issues and other topics for a variety of international websites, magazines, and businesses.

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