Is Communication Getting Better, or Worse?

Nancy Anderson
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Maybe it’s nostalgia, but I miss the days of kids riding bikes to friends’ houses instead of having cell phones nicer than me. This generation, called “The Millenials,” relies heavily on technology to communicate. When I was growing up, we had to call friends to make plans – or see them in person. Now, kids find out what’s new through Facebook statuses and text updates. I long for the good, old days.

This issue was brought to light the other day when one of my students (I teach 12 year olds) mentioned that growing up in 2010 is hard. She lamented that students have added social pressures, mainly technology-related. Cyberbullying comes to mind and not only because I see the effects daily with my students. I see the effects everywhere – the news reports on bullying so frequently that prevention programs are in place across the country and parents are called to task. So, where is the breakdown? Are adults just as bad as today’s tweens and teens?

I have a specific point of view because I rarely use social media or text messaging. I find no need; I prefer my communication to be more authentic. Of course, this is a mere opinion. I think I was born in the wrong generation, and I clearly get the irony that my former career was in communications yet I’m a neo-Ludite.

I think it’s time for a call to action: recent college graduates and career-seekers, take heed. We are the future of the corporate world and social media is prevalent. What can we do to improve upon what we have instead of get bogged down in the time drain of online interactions? I’d love to hear your ideas so please comment.

By: Amy Muldoon

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