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The interview for the sales job is at a nearby restaurant. The potential employer would like to talk to you over dinner. Is this a great ideas or what? Not only do you get an interview but dinner too. Plus you heard the chocolate mousse is to die for! Just untuck that napkin and settle down for a minute, you could be in for a very rude awakening. Let me explain in greater detail. One of the reasons the employer likes dinner interviews is to see how the potential employee's social skills are. Can you handle yourself under pressure? What about your manners? How are your interpersonal skills? Just what does an innocent dinner tell about you?

First of all, decide what you’re going to wear. Dress conservatively. You should wear the type of clothing you would if you were meeting at the place of business. If you’re not sure where the restaurant is, check it out before the day of the interview. Locate the restroom, ask to see a menu and go over it to see what they serve and you can get an idea of what to order. Speaking of food, make sure you order something light and simple. You don’t need to be chasing saucy noodles across your plate when trying to make a point. Be polite to the wait staff and use “please” and “thank you” when being served. The interviewer will be observing, you can bet on it.

Next be sure you know how a basic table set up works. Food that isn’t on your main plate is on your left, drinks are on your right. With silverware, you start at the outside and work your way towards your plate. Place your napkin on your lap, keep your elbows off the table, sit up straight and don’t talk with your mouth full. Do not start to eat until everyone is served.

What about drinking? I know you might think that a drink may loosen you up and relax your nerves but don’t do it. If the potential employer insists, order a glass of wine and make it last through the meal. If you truly don’t drink, explain that you are a non drinker and order another type of beverage. Don’t make an issue of it.

Do not have your cell phone turned on..not even on vibrate. At this point your cell phone does not exist. If it rings or you answer it, say good bye to the job. Your cell phone is not as important as a job interview.

During the dinner interview, try to stay on track. If you get along too well with your interviewer, then your conversation will wander off topic and it will get too personal and may be a turnoff.
Present yourself with confidence without being aggressive. Never forget that even though you’re eating dinner, it still is a job interview.

Hopefully with these suggestions you will get through your dinner interview and get your job, then you can have your chocolate mousse as a reward!

If you have survived a dinner interview and lived to tell about it, I’d like to hear about your experiences.

By Linda Lee Ruzicka

Linda Lee Ruzicka lives in the mountains of Western PA , happily married and with her 6 cats and three dogs. She has been published in Twilight Times, Dark Krypt, Fables, Decending Darkness, Writing Village, June Cotner anthology, The Grit, Reminisce , the book, Haunted Encounters: Friends and Family. She is an Affiliate member of the Horror Writers Association She also does freelances work for Beyond and for Salesheads. More of her blogs can be found at Salesheads blog.


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  • Linda Ruzicka
    Linda Ruzicka
    Great ideas!  Thank you for the male point of view and the input.
  • Albee L
    Albee L
    To whom it may concern,I think first as a male job seeker,a jacket and tie is appropriate especially if a management role is involved. I would order if taken to a restaurant of their choice, food that`s out of the steak family and order food like salad, pasta or a lite sandwich Make sure you don`t interrupt his or hers conversation when he or she is speaking. the interviewer is a professional at what they do!      

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