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Did you know there’s one type of job that can help you land almost any other job?


As a child it came naturally to me. As a college student it got me through school. Now as a working professional I still find this experience comes in handy even if it isn’t directly related to my job as a multimedia developer. Like it or not everyone should try their hand at commission based sales at least once in their life.


It’s not easy work but no matter what position you apply for in the future, this sort of experience will give you an advantage even if you don’t list it on your resume.


Don’t be so hesitant to accept a commission based position.   Consider the following lessons employers know you have learned after working in sales:


Dedication – Without commitment commissions are chintzy. Only employees who really apply themselves succeed in commission based sales. They know they need to be present and accountable if they want the accountant to cut them a check at the end of the week.


Determination – Setting and achieving goals is an integral part of commission based sales that can carry over into any career. Striving to push past what’s expected and go above and beyond to reap the rewards will fare well in any field.  


Street Smarts – A sucker is born every minute and commission based sales people can spot them a mile away so they know they definitely don’t want to be one. People in this profession know to do their homework on products they push and companies they deal with so they can see through the bull in any business.


Self-Reliability – Due to a high turnover rate training for commission based jobs is slim. Sales people are often left to their own devices after shadowing a superior for a short time and have to learn what works as they go along. It’s natural for them to work independently in any task they are assigned.


Communication – If you can’t communicate with the client effectively you won’t be able to close the sale. No matter what the negotiation, it’s good to know how to effectively exchange ideas. Employees that can compromise to find a solution and reach a definitive conclusion are invaluable in any field.


One of the most important things you will learn in commission based sales is how to pitch with passion. If you’re excited about it other people will be too no matter what you’re promoting whether it’s the latest product or yourself.




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  • Melissa Kennedy
    Melissa Kennedy
    Thanks, Gita. You're right that loyalty goes both ways. When companies don't stand behind their employees, the employees have no reason to be loyal to the company. Instead, they will jump at the first better offer they get!
  • Gita
    I do not think you are being Harsh. However, I do feel that many companies reap what they sow. Because of the lack of loyalty companies have shown to its employees there is now a lack of productivity and loyalty from the employee to the company. In addition to creating a test for prospective employees to take i would highly recommend following up on their sources of recommendations. I would also contact former employers to find out how they performed while there. With respect to showing loyalty to the employee. Employers should offer incentives for business brought in by an employee either in the form of bonuses or additional time off. Employers should also take charge in getting their employees training on how to bring in business. not everyone is proficient in sales or in networking to increase name brand or product recognition. If you want better employees then train them to be better employees. If you treat them like a number or a pay check they will act like a paycheck.

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