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Nancy Anderson
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Lately, I’ve been watching Let’s Go Design, a webcast made up of monthly episodes hosted by Jeremy Luchini that covers in-depth the design process of some very interesting ideas.

The first project they put up started in the past year; in it, the team designs and produces their Ultimate Office Chair. At first, I wasn’t particularly interested by the promotional text I received. Then, I read the words ‘motors used to move the chair around the office’. Understandably, this piqued my interest, and I had to check it out. Sure enough, they’ve created a fairly comfortable looking office chair, suspended from tracks in the office ceiling, moving around under power from electric motors.

Let’s Go Design just kicked off their second project: A multipurpose sports practice cage. The first episode for the project is already up, and the next two are being teased in the player. You can participate in the design, if you’d like. Check the website for a forum where you can submit comments and questions, or participate in the show using the #letsgodesign Twitter hashtag, or follow Jeremy Luchini’s account itself. Let’s Go Design is presented by SolidWorks -- maybe you’ve heard of them.

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