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Technology jobs are widely available in our modern world, but knowing how to build and maintain a website is only half of the battle. Nowadays, tech jobs require solid communication skills so that everyone involved in a project can understand their roles more clearly. Honing your ability to present your work makes you an ideal candidate for companies that want to keep up to date with changing technology.

If you work in IT, you probably find technology exciting, and have no problem understanding the most intricate procedures of your job. But when you try to explain your work, your non-IT co-workers and friends may look bewildered. This is because tech jobs are laden with so much terminology that is impossible to understand if you do not have the necessary knowledge. This is why it is important to find a way to bridge this communication gap. Learning some simple presentation skills can have immense benefits when you are interviewing for a job in the technology sector.

First, keep it simple. Overloading your audience with too much information or too many technical terms is just as bad as leaving information out of your presentation. Focus on the important details, and keep your language concise. Don't treat your audience like children, but make sure you have chosen the appropriate level of complexity for the occasion. Remember who are you presenting to. A representative from HR will need much less technical information than a group of IT professionals.

Adding visual elements to a presentation is key to explaining technological work. If you are interviewing for a tech job, this can be an excellent place to demonstrate your ability to extract relevant information from your work and present it in an accessible way. For example, if you install a tool that tracks visitors to a webpage, you can use this data to make a visual representation of popularity over time, which can be useful if a company is unsure about a design change. Technology can affect every area of a project from design to production. Everyone involved needs to know how technology can aid their project.

Finally, the key to good presentation skills is making a connection with your audience. If you are giving an oral presentation in person be aware that every unnecessary movement, such as tapping a pencil or shaking your foot, causes a distraction that makes it harder for the listener to focus on your words. Keep your movements relaxed, and accept that nervousness is a natural part of public speaking. You may be more comfortable working in front of a computer than speaking in front of people, but your purpose is to show your audience the importance of your work. Tech jobs may involve a lot of behind-the-scenes work, but being able to show your results is important.

Presentations are valuable on many occasions ranging from interviews to progress meetings, especially when workers from various disciplines are involved. In tech jobs, it is important that your co-workers understand the importance of your work and how it impacts their own. Improving your presentation skills is the first step to helping everyone work together more cohesively.


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